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Network neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.[8] According to Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu, the best way to explain network neutrality is that a public information network will end up being most useful if all content, sites, and platforms are treated equally.[9] A more detailed proposed definition of technical and service network neutrality suggests that service network neutrality is the adherence to the paradigm that operation of a service at a certain layer is not influenced by any data other than the data interpreted at that layer, and in accordance with the protocol specification for that layer.[10]

benefits of a carrierneutral data center.

1. Reduced risk of data loss

When you are in a facility that offers several carriers, you have the capability of having multiple carriers connected to your business network. In the event of an outage or failure of one carrier, you can rely on another carrier for connectivity so that your mission-critical systems will stay up-and-running.

2. Expansion capability

When opting for a data center, you are teaming up with a provider that can meet your needs now and for the years to come. Every carrier’s network is different and you should place your mission-critical systems in a facility where all carriers are available to you. This means you can take advantage of the options and flexibility in the design of your network. You decide which network suits your business best and can scale with your business needs over time.

3. Portability.

Undergoing a migration to a new data center is a significant investment in time and money, you probably don’t want to move again. In a carrier-neutral data center, you’re not committed to one provider and you can make a change when needed without having to move physically. Businesses who are migrating to a new data center can bring along their preferred carrier without worrying about changing to a new set of IP’s and can change carriers to ensure better connectivity when needed. In a carrier-specific facility, your options for changing will likely be limited to just one carrier.

4. Network redundancy

Carrier diversity is important because, without highly reliable and redundant network connectivity, IT performance is likely to suffer. ColoHouse offers single connections for traditional connectivity or fully redundant connections for mission-critical applications. Want to learn more? ColoHouse offers you the freedom and flexibility of hosting within a carrier neutral infrastructure. Our true carrier-neutral colocation environment can enable your business to deliver content, terminate your voice traffic, access public IP

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